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SPAIN 2007

complete relactions from Mono (polish only!!!): Monogrrafica del Dogo Canario - Alicante

Clase Cachorros Hembras / Puppy Class Females  / Klasa Szczeniąt Suki

Clase Cachorros Machos / Puppy Class Males / Klasa Szczeniąt Psy

Clase Jovenes Hembras / Junior Class Females / Klasa Młodzieży Suki

Clase Jovenes Machos/ Junior Class Males  / Klasa Młodzieży Psy

Clase Intermedia Hembras / Intermediate Class Females / Klasa Pośrednia Suki

Clase Intermedia Machos / Intermediate Class Males / Klasa Pośrednia Psy

Clase Abierta Hembras / Open Class Females / Klasa Otwarta Suki

Clase Abierta Machos / Open Clas Males / Klasa Otwarta Psy

Clase Campones Hembras / Champion Clas Females / Klasa Championów Suki

Clase Campones Machos / Champion Clas Males / Klasa Championów Psy

Clase Veteranos Hembras / Veterans Class Females / Klasa Weteranów Suki





Z samolotu / From plane / De avión

Wybrzeże / Coast / Costa

Góry / Mountains / Monotanias

Alicante - Alacant

Benidorn & Greco de Los Cardones

Elche - Elx & El Palmeral (El Palmerar)



SPAIN 2006

In this part I would like to share our impressions from trip to Spain. On this trip we had also our Parisienne... Photos are sorted in 3 different parts: France, Spain and Portugal, Spain.

    Here you will also find photos of dogs from few kennels of Presa Canario (Dogo Canario) with we could see. Here I would like to say "thank you" to: Carolinia Gonzalez Rodal (Do Galiñeiro www.dogalineiro.com ), Gregorio Sanchez (Barnacan Bull www.barnacanbull.com), Vicente Gascó (Can Muç www.canmuc.com), Margarita López Brito (La Eterna Primavera www.eternaprimavera.com) and their families for their hospitality and for showing us their dogs. I would also like to greet Paloma Iglesias (Camarmeña www.presabull.cjb.net) - unfortunately we couldn't visit her but for two times we had the opportunity to see her dog Ch.Ur de Los Cardones and few other dogs from her kennel. also many greetings to all those individual people connected with Presa Canario with with we could talk and see their dogs.

    At our next visit in Spain we hope to see other kennel that unfortunately we couldn't see due to long distances.

* Paryżanka w Paryżu / Parisienne in Paris
* VIGO (Hiszpania) - wystawa / VIGO (Spain) - dog show
* Vigo (Hiszpania) - psy spotkane / Vigo(Spain) dogs that we met
* Pontevedra (Hiszpania) "Do Galiñeiro"
Porto (Portugal)
* Playa Madalena (Portugal) - odpoczynek z psem / Playa Madalena (Portugal) - resting with your dog
Droga do Madrytu / On the way to Madrid
Madrid (Hiszpania)
Jedziemy do León (Hiszpania) / We are going to León (Spain)
* León (Hiszpania) - wystawa / León (Spain) - dog show
* Barcelona (Hiszpania) -zwiedzanie z psem / Barcelona Hiszpania - sightseeing with your dog
* Barcelona (Hiszpania) - "Barnacan Bull"
* Rubi (Hiszpania) - "Can Muç"
* Hostarlic( Gerona - España) - "La Eterna Primavera"
* Parisienne z koleżanką (Niemcy) / Parisienne with a friend (Germany)



This year in June we went for few days to Croatia. Parisienne was with us. Here I would like to share some photos with you. Croatia is just magical! I fall in love with this country. This is also country of contrast... on one side you see Sea, turning back you see Mountains. In once place you have crowdie towns full of tourists, but going into the country you see many empty places, minefields with are signs of war that ended just few years ago...

Droga na Chorwacje (Słowacja) / Way to Croatia (Slovakia)
Nad morzem / See side
Miasteczko / Town
Góry / Mountains
Ślady wojny / Signs of war
Jeziora Plitvickie / Plitvickie Lakes
Balaton (Węgry) / Balaton (Hungary)



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